Places You Should Check First While Looking For A Dissertation Format Sample

If you have got to the stage in your academic studies where you are writing a dissertation or thesis, you will know just how much work is involved. The actual writing of the dissertation is only a part of the activity. You can spend an inordinate amount of time simply choosing the topic of your dissertation. Choosing it means that you need to know that it is a relevant topic approved by your supervisor and that there is an accessible and abundant supply of relevant research material for you to deal with. Then you need to proofread and spend time ensuring that all your references and the layout of your dissertation is correct.

But the way to improve your ability to write a dissertation well is to look at format samples. Obviously you want to look at format samples which are correct as far as the format is concerned and which have scored highly as far as the content and approach to the dissertation is concerned. You don't want to look at bad examples.

So the question then arises, where can you find samples of well written and relevant dissertations? Here are a few.

  • Your supervisor or tutor.
  • Your college library.
  • Your college colleagues.
  • Any number of online relevant websites.

The choice of supervisor for writing your dissertation is important. Finding someone who is available and knowledgeable in your subject area are both no-brainers. Asking your supervisor for a place to find good dissertation format samples is also a no-brainer.

Your college library will almost certainly have a collection of dissertations which have been written by students over the years. Take advantage of the facilities and resources available. You are studying at that particular institution and access to the work produced by former students is a sensible course of action.

You will have met a number of students at your college. Ask them where they found samples of dissertation formats. Were the examples they found helpful? If so, it is a simple and free resource into which you can tap.

But by far the greatest number of dissertation format samples can be found online. It's important that in using your search engine that you specify relevant keywords. Pinpoint the ideal reference material you need. If your keywords do not produce the desired result, change those keywords and make them even more specific.